1. What problems did Tiberius face on his accession?
  2. Was Germanicus a real threat to Tiberius’ position?
  3. What do the mutinies of AD 14 tell us about relations between the imperial centre and the soldiers?
  4. What does the murder of Agrippa Postumus tell us about imperial politics?
  5. Why was Piso sent to Syria and why did he clash with Germanicus?
  6. Why was Germanicus so popular
  7. Account for the rise and fall of Sejanus?
  8. Why were there so many trials of senators and their families under Tiberius?
  9. Should we blame Tiberius for the sufferings of the senatorial group during his reign?
  10. In what ways was Tiberius a Republican?
  11. Are the literary accounts of Tiberius fair to him?
  12. ‘A successful administrator; a political failure’. Is this a fair judgement of Tiberius?
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